Accelerating the payment of outstanding receivables from buyers/debtors, has long been used to maintain a healthy cashflow. This form of finance has become increasingly innovative. If your business sells goods and services, while providing payment terms to its buyers, your business may be ideally suited to make use of this form of finance. 


Full Service Factoring

Outsourcing the management and financing of the Receivables Book of your business can be the ideal solution for its healthy and sustained growth. It can hold a number of cost-saving benefits like the reduction of account receivable personnel. This "disclosed" form of financing will allow you to focus on your business objectives. 

Receivables Finance

Receivables Finance and Invoice Discount

Invoice discounting is the most common form of Receivables/Debtor Finance. Depending on the terms of payment your business extends to it's buyers, the concentration of it's debtor book, It's approach to 'retention of title' etc,... a solution could be just around the corner. 

Depending on a number of criteria, this form of finance can be:

  • Disclosed or Undisclosed
  • Extended with recourse to your company or without recourse
  • Considered as "off-balance sheet" financing
Stock Financing

Cash flow and stock financing 

Using not only the Debtors/Receivables of business, but also the inventory/Stock of business can be another way of freeing up the intrinsic value/cash caught up in the supply chain.