Trade Credit Insurance is one of the most effective ways of protecting your business against the crippling effect of protracted or unpaid debt. Speak to Cashflow Catalyst about how you can protect the health of your Cashflow by protecting your Receivables. 

Debtor and Buyer risk

Debtor and Buyer Risk

Providing Credit to Buyers is an inherent risk of any business, especially when dealing with new clients in unfamiliar markets.

Trade Credit Protection:

  • Improves the quality and security value of your receivables book
  • Improves your cashflow by avoiding protracted and non-payment of Receivables.
  • Allows your business to access markets and win business by offering trade terms.
Political Risk

Political Risk

Establishing a presence in a new market, looking to acquire a business abroad and going global presents business with a range of commercial and political risks.

Mitigate this risk by exploring your Political Risk Insurance options.