The Cashflow Catalyst's History and Business Objectives

The Cashflow Catalyst was incorporated in 2009 and acquired by the current owner, Norman Beetge in 2013. 

Norman saw an opportunity to add his extensive experience in Trade and Receivables finance and his large business network to a company that had already built up a reputation as a quality referrer/broker of debtor financing deals to recognised service providers.

With experience in Treasury, Supply Chain finance and Cash Management involving more than 80 countries globally, Norman continues to grow the business which serves as a catalyst to the business community in:

  • Receivables and Supply Chain Finance
  • Trade Finance
  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Domestic and International Cash Management
  • Foreign Exchange and Hedging
  • Business and Risk Consulting Services
  • PPSR Management

Our Vision

The vision of Cashflow Catalyst is to become the first and preferred point of contact for enterprises looking for practical and effective finance solutions that positively affect their Cashflow.

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