Service Providers

We are experienced ex-Bankers and Traders with a wealth of experience in International and Structural Trade Finance, Foreign Exchange and general financing. Having visited and engaged with Foreign Financial Institutions in more than 80 countries, we have developed an extensive network of Financial Professionals and Service Providers. Cashflow Catalyst has engaged with a number of reliable and tested Service Providers to satisfy the business needs of its client base within a select range of financial services.

Consulting with businesses on:

  • General Business Improvement
  • Trading Risks
  • New Market Risk
  • International Payment Risk
  • Counterpart Risk
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Compliance 
  • Registration of Security interests on PPSR

With an in-depth knowledge and working experience in Domestic and International Cash Management Solutions, we are in position to provide effective Cash-Flow solutions along the Supply Chain of any organisation 

As an approved Introducing Broker to a select group of Foreign Exchange Houses, Cashflow Catalyst is well-placed to provide the best Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Hedging Solutions. 

Referral agreements concluded with a number of reputable invoice Discounting/Factoring Practitioners allows Cashflow Catalyst to propose the best solution to its clients and facilitate the transaction.  

Helping clients of Cashflow Catalyst protect their receivables/debited obligations from protracted payment or non-payment is a service offered through referral to the most appropriate Trade Credit Insurer 

With links to some of the best Trade Service providers in the Australian and New Zealand Markets, we are in a position to propose the best solution for your business.

With Qualifications in Islamic Banking and Insurance, we are able to advise on Murabaha and other forms of finance satisfying the requirements of Islamic jurisprudence.